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American Idol 12 – Top 40 SPOILERS

The American Idol Season 12 Top 40 spoilers are here! The Top 40 were chosen during the Las Vegas Round.

Our friends at The Idol Pad are continuously updating their list and we now have the Top 20 boys complete with a few more names in the Top 20 girls remaining. Who’s excited?

This is American Idol!

American Idol 12 Top 40 Spoilers Johnny Keyser

American Idol 12 Top 40 Spoilers

There are a LOT of repeats from previous seasons. It seems like American Idol now has a recruiting window of about a year for their contestants. They groom them during the season prior (well at least for the cannon fodder). That seems to be the practice.

Top 20 Females

1. Adriana Latonio
2. Amber Holcomb [AI11 LVR]
3. Angela Miller
4. Aubrey Cleland [AI10 HW & AI11 SFYL/GM]
5. Brandy Hotard
6. Breanna Steer
7. Candice Glover [AI9 HW & AI11 LVR]
8. Cristabel Clack
9. Christina Isabelle Pasqualone
10. Janelle Arthur [AI10 HW & AI11 LVR]
11. Jenny Beth Willis
12. Jett Hermano
13. Juliana Chahayed
14. Kamaria Ousley
15. Kree Harrison
16. Melinda Ademi [AI10 LVR]
17. Rachel Hale
18. Shubha Vedula
19. Tenna Torres [AI11 LVR]
20. Zoanette Johnson

Top 20 Males

1. Bryant Tadeo [AI11 HW]
2. Charlie
3. Chris Watson [AI7 HW]
4. Cortez Shaw [AI11 SFYL/GM]
5. Curtis Finch Jr [AI11 LVR]
6. David Willis
7. Devin Velez
8. Elijah Liu [AI11 HW]
9. Gurpreet Sarin – Turbanator
10. Jimmy Smith
11. Josh Jada Davila
12. Johnny Keyser [AI11 LVR]
13. Josh Holiday
14. Kevin Harris
15. Lazaro Arbos – MY FAVORITE!
16. Mathenee Treco [AI11 LVR]
17. Nick Boddington [AI11 LVR]
18. Paul Jolley
19. Scooter
20. Vincent Powell [AI11 HW]

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Got Something to Add?

Klope62 moderator

So is Charlie, Charlie from tonight?!


This guy puts me off.  What he's got is the pretty factor and I think being pretty will take him far.  He's not all that great a singer.  When he sings he's got those twirly notes that I hate and the unattractive facial expressions, so he thinks that makes him a cool bluesy singer.  Eh.  I remember him from last year, all that bravado, like, "Yeah, I know I'm a star."  I doubt that he'll win. There are some others this year who I think are way better singers.  But maybe not as pretty.


So no David Leathers?  Still excited about idol! I LOVE my idol!!!!!!!


is it me or im finding this season not interesting?? maybe its mariah carey.. oh well im watching anyways.. but not as excited as i used to!

Klope62 moderator

Johnny Keyser? Really? Ugh.


Keeping a sharp eye on Candice and Johnny, and maybe Cortez and Nick. They're the ones I remember from last year.


@gordillo Give yourself a break G.  The season hasn't even started.  The only constant in life is change.  Nicki Minaj(I don't like her) shut up Steven Tyler(critical of her judging) by saying ---Dude, you haven't even seen me judge one episode yet.


@waynocoaster anyone who can sing a Gavin DeGraw well is good with my book. but I haven't watched Idol in years since XFactor UK 2010.

Rickey moderator

@Klope62 Obviously he will make it to the live shows. It's kinda predictable now, the Idol talent recruiting machine.


@Klope62 @Rickey Because he was a snob during Hollywood week, I think? lols

OH and he was in the running last year to be brought back along with the guy that got kicked off the show for a criminal record.  

Rickey moderator

@Forever504 @Rickey @Klope62 Yes, the irony of it all -- and here is our spoiler list with contestants full of history with the show.