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American Idol 12 – Spoilers – Season Premiere Review – Video

Here’s my review of the American Idol Season 12 premiere sneak peek on January 9, 2013.

American Idol has just been reborn in Nicki Minaj’s image — and it’s amazing! It was the best hour of the show that I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait for this season to start.

American Idol 12  Spoilers  Season Premiere Review  Video

Some Spoilers:

The one hour sneak peek featured highlights from the auditions in New York City and Chicago.

Phillip Phillips opened the show with “Home” — and then Ryan Seacrest repeating again that American Idol is the show that produces stars. The show has produced platinum selling artists, Grammy winners and an Oscar winner. Facts of course no one disputes, but the show just wanted to remind everybody.

When the judges were presented, the audience in the movie theater where I watched roared loudly for Nicki Minaj — and some booed Mariah Carey! It seemed that Nicki love was happening in Los Angeles as well.

New York:

Tenna Torres, 28 — an alumni from Camp Mariah. This was a great audition as for the first time we saw Mariah’s and Nicki’s facial expressions. They were both awesome, but Nicki had more in store.

James Bae — William Hung 2.0! This was hilarious! And I think finally, the show has learned to balance humiliation with kindness — if that was ever possible. After a horrible performance — the person who consoled James was none other than Nicki Minaj.

Sarah Restuccio – She sang “Mama’s Song” which impressed everyone thinking she was a country singer. Then she sang rapped another song “Super Bass” which was even better! Nicki fiercely defending her song was wonderful TV.

Ashlee Feliceano – Her family adopted children with developmental disorders. What great parents she has!


Stephanie Schimmel – They didn’t show her sing, but they showed Nicki’s interaction with her. Again, funny, funny, funny. “We have the same eye shadow, that’s why we’re competing right now.” LOL

Griffin Petersen – Nicki flirted with this dude like he was sex on a stick. I love her! (Do you guys see a trend?)

Kevin Nabity – Another joke audition which was funnier because the judges (Nicki) said the right things. American Idol is a comedy show! I loved it.

Lazaro Arbos – He sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. He stuttered but it went away when he sang. One of the greatest auditions in Reality TV history.

Seriously guys, American Idol is back. Season 12 is going to be one of the greatest seasons ever. Thank you Nicki Minaj!

Long live American Idol!

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