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American Idol 11 Top 9 – Results – Live Blog – March 29, 2012

Tonight is the American Idol 11 Top 9 results show on March 29, 2012! As far as musical guests go, we have Scotty McCreery performing his new single “Water Tower Town” and Nicki Minaj. So, who’s going home?

You guys here at have predicted the bottom 3 to be: Deandre, Heejun, and Hollie. Deandre is the pick to go home–as he was last week.

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It’s been rumored that Ryan Seacrest mentioned this morning that tonight we would be in for a “shock.” Hmm. Either he’s bluffing to goose ratings…or we will actually see a shocking elimination tonight. I predict that the judges will have to use their save tonight.

Anyways, I will be live blogging the results as they happen. So, come back soon and often for a rundown of all the action.


Big Aerosmith Breaking News!!! Steven Tyler announces the tour and he wants to dress up like a lion tamer in “The Global Warming Tour.”

Eric Benet pops out and comes out to congratulate Deandre on his performance. Well, he won’t be going home then…

Ford Music Video: It’s centered around TV’s and creating a giant TV wall. They are also dressed up like rockstars.

The Top 9 Contestants moved into the mansion this past week. They have a pretty sweet pad.


Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips, and Hollie Cavanagh are called to the center stage.


Phillip…is SAFE!

Hollie…is in the BOTTOM 3!

Nicki Minaj – “Starships”

She’s a Grammy nominee, we’re reminded. Whoa. Her boobs are everywhere, but her colorful dress is pretty fierce. She has this mermaid-ish and beach theme going on with her backup dancers. I gotta hand it to her, this song is pretty catchy. There’s lots of confetti! She wants to be a guest judge!!! OMG. She’s getting fresh with J.Lo. THROWDOWN!!!


Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet, and Heejun Han are called to center stage.

Colton…is SAFE!

Joshua…is SAFE!

Heejun…is in the BOTTOM 3!

Scotty McCreery – “Water Tower Town”

Season 10 Winner! Lest you forget. This is one of my favorite tracks from his debut. It’s a a syrupy sweet cliche of a song, but fits him to a T. I LOVE SWEET TEA! Do you guys like sweet tea? This guy, so charismatic and works the crowd. There isn’t any surprise why he won last year.

Jimmy comes out to give Scotty a platinum plaque for his Clear as Day selling 1 million copies.


Skylar Laine, Deandre Brackensick, and Jessica Sanchez are called to center stage.

Jessica…is SAFE!

Deandre…is SAFE!

Skylar…is in the BOTTOM 3! WOW!

THE BOTTOM THREE: Heejun, Hollie, Skylar


Skylar…is SAFE!

Hollie…is SAFE!


He’s singing “A Song for You.” Will they save him??? I’m gonnnnnna go with a big, fat NO.


Thank you, America and judges, for finally making a good decision. The teaser earlier in the day about shocking results was nothing but a goose. The only thing shocking tonight was Nicki’s outrageously delicious outfit. Hollie has gotten boring–she has yet to go uptempo–and Skylar was lackluster last night compared to many of the other performances. Hopefully they both bounce back next week and Deandre is eliminated. I totally lost all my points this week. I give up trying to predict these things. Heh.


Did Heejun deserve to get the boot? Who should have gone instead of him?

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