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American Idol 11 Top 7 – Results – Live Blog – April 12, 2012

Tonight is the American Idol 11 Top 7 results show on April 12, 2012! As far as musical guests go, we have Jennifer Hudson and James Durbin. Fun stuff! More importantly, however, who’s going home?

You guys here at have predicted the bottom 3 to be: Hollie, Elise, and Joshua. Hollie is the pick to go home.

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Nigel Lythgoe and Ryan Seacrest sent out a few cryptic tweets:

TMZ has also reported that there is a major shocker and the producers are scrambling. MORE DETAILS HERE!!!

Oh snap. I was in the middle of writing this post when Nigel tweeted out that last one.  I’m hoping for some major shake up tonight!!! I suspect someone who’s never been in the bottom (Colton, Jessica, Joshua, or Phillip) will be in the bottom two or three. My pick is Jessica.

Anyways, I will be live blogging the results as they happen. So, come back soon and often for a rundown of all the action.


Fun‘s “We Are Young” is playing over the intro package. I feel something cray cray about to happen tonight. J-Hud returns to the stage. Do you think we could get a “shocking” elimination like hers? Wouldn’t that be something.

Group Performance – Pink – “Raise Your Glass”

Great song! Elise has a fedora AND sounds terrific on this!!! There’s Phillip and Colton BROMANCE!!! It’s strange to hear Skylar on this, but I love it!!! Huh. Elise is getting TONS of solos in this. Joshua’s vocals are sick!!! Man. OMG. They end the performance around the judges table and Ryan slides in on his side with a Coke cup!!!!!!!!!!

Ford Music Video – School Time! The contestants are paper dolls living in a notebook-kind-of-world. There are dinosaurs and spaceships!!!

Fan mail time! Colton gets an invitation to prom! Hollie gets an invite to spring formal. A fan from Charleston sent a feather to Elise to give to Steven!


Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez are called to center stage!

Hollie…stars a group on the RIGHT SIDE!!!

Jessica…starts a group on the LEFT SIDE!!!


Musical Performance – James Durbin – “Higher Than Heaven”

He’s behind a HUGE white current. There’s a yellow bulbous like sun!!! OMG. I can’t get over his super blonde hair. This is one of my favorite songs from his debut album. There’s major reverb going on right now with his mic. So much energy. His vocals are not as bad as they usually are. High energy, all the time!

His tour starts tonight at the Viper Room!!!!


Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone join Ryan on stage!

Phillip…joins Hollie on the RIGHT SIDE!

Elise…joins Jessica on the LEFT SIDE!

Wow. I can honestly say I do not know which group is which…


Musical Performance – Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo – “Think Like a Man”

She’s one of the greatest vocalists to come from this show. Oh. Look at her new ‘do. New hair FTW!!! This is my first time hearing this track. It’s sassy and perfect for J. She is totally schooling Mr. Durbin on how to sing. Look at those moves, girl!!! Midway through, Ne-Yo joins her onstage. They have such great chemistry! I’ve never understood why her albums don’t sell more than they do. She’s a gem!



Colton Dixon and Joshua Ledet join Ryan on stage!

Joshua…joins Jessica + Elise!

Colton…joins Hollie + Phillip!

OMG! They’re “Huff”-ing Skylar!!!!!!!


Skylar…is SAFE!!!

Now she must pick a group. She won’t choose!

Ryan puts her in Phillips group!

Hollie…is SAFE!!!

Phillip…is SAFE!!!

Colton…is SAFE!!!

BOTTOM THREE: Elise, Joshua, Jessica




Joshua…is SAFE!!!!

Elise…is SAFE!!!!

Jessica…is ELIMINATED!!!



OMG. Jennifer Lopez TOTALLY charges on stage to stop her singing!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SAVING HER!!!


She gets to finish her “save me” song and we are out!!!

What did you guys think of the results? Was it shocking? Or was it totally scripted???

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