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American Idol 11 Top 6 – Results – Live Blog – April 26, 2012

Tonight is the American Idol 11 Top 6 results show on April 26, 2012! As far as musical guests go, we have Katy Perry “performing” her current single “Part of Me” (it was taped last night) and Stefano Langone hitting the stage with his debut single on Hollywood Records called “I’m On a Roll.’” Listen to it here. Plus, the Queen Extravaganza will be performing!!! It’s gonna be a great night of music! So, who’s going home?

You guys here at have predicted the bottom 3 to be: Elise, Hollie, and Joshua. Elise is the pick to go home. Double sigh.

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Even though Elise had a great night last night, America doesn’t seem to be catching on…still. She’s been a bottom three staple for most of the competition this year. I think she would be better off being eliminated now and getting a jump start on an awesome record. Don’t you agree?

Anyways, I will be live blogging the results as they happen. So, come back soon and often for a rundown of all the action.


“Tonight…another one bites the dust.”

58 Million votes came in last night!!!


Musical Performance – The Queen Extravaganza – “Somebody to Love”

No wonder no one chose to perform this last night. A tribute band hand. Heh. This is one of my favorite Queen songs ever. So good. I wish Elise or Jessica could have performed this last night. Oh, what could have been.


Ford Music Video: “Magic” Elise made a paper frog. Joshua and Hollie are “flirting.” I guess the theme is love? Skylar is doing some shopping. Heh.


The Top 6 was sent to TMZ to learn how to deal with “people like us.” Awkward.



He’s calling people down in pairs.

Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone head to center stage!!!

Jessica…is SAFE!!!

Elise…is in the BOTTOM THREE!!! I’m ready to cry.

Casey Abrams is on stage chatting with Ryan about pranks.


Musical Performance – Stefano Langone feat. New Boyz & Rock Mafia – “I’m on a Roll”

Not gonna lie, this song is pretty catchy. I’ve been listening to it alot lately. Is it the best song ever? No, but it’s fun. Go, Stefano! He’s running out of breath like whoa. I want his red shoes…or him…one or the other. 😉

Check out his smokin’ performance HERE.



Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet are up!

Hollie…is in the BOTTOM THREE!

Joshua…is SAFE!!!


Musical Performance – Katy Perry – “Part of Me”

She taped this performance last night. Whoa, much like her army-themed video, soldiers drop out of the ceiling. She’s rockin’ some camo tonight. I freaking love this song. Yes. Even though she wrote it a few years ago, most people think it’s about her ex Russell Brand. Talk about great timing.



Phillip Phillips and Skylar Laine are center stage!

Phillip…is SAFE!!!

Skylar…is in the BOTTOM THREE!!!


BOTTOM THREE: Elise, Hollie, Skylar

Skylar…is SAFE!!!



Hollie…is SAFE!!!



I’m crying right now. Elise is one heck of a singer. Hopefully she puts out an awesome record this fall. I’m pulling for you girl!!!


She’s singing “Whole Lotta Love.” QUEEN ELISE TAKE US TO TOWN.

We are out.


Did the right person get the boot tonight? Who should have gone home instead?!

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