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American Idol 11 Top 4 – Results – Live Blog – May 10, 2012

Tonight is the American Idol 11 Top 4 results show on May 10, 2012! As far as musical guests go, we have David Cook and Jennifer Lopez hitting the stage!!! Cook will debut a brand new song called “The Last Song I’ll Write for You” and a pre-taped Lopez performance will air. Exciting! So, who’s going home?

You guys here at have predicted the bottom 2 to be: Hollie and PP. Hollie is the pick to go home. Sadly.

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I’ve given up trying to predict these things. I still say PP deserves to go home this week (based on his body of work) even though he gave a tolerable/good performance last night (“Volcano”). Hollie definitely stumbled last night, considering her past two weeks have been stellar. Hopefully, though, since she got a total underdog edit last night, people voted for her. She’s the Syesha of this season.

Anyways, I will be live blogging the results as they happen. So, come back soon and often for a rundown of all the action.



“But to get this kind of homecoming…they had to win your vote”


Dramatic recap of last night with contestants talking about the homecoming next week.


Everyone in the audience just won tickets to the summer tour!


Group Performance – Top 4 – “California Dreamin'” by the Mamas and the Papas

There are so many people on stage right now. There’s a red carpet! It’s like they’re famous! Hollie, Joshua and Jessica sound pretty great on this. (See what I did there?) So much cheese. Delicious.


Ford Music Video Behind-the-Scenes! We get a sneak peek of the contestants getting ready for the video shoot. So exciting! It’s inspired by the electric car being great for the environment. They’re singing a song from one of the judges. Hmm. J.Lo, perhaps?


Ford Music Video: “Feeling So Good” – The contestants are driving. There are tons of flowers blooming around them. So much color! Note: They’re not very creative with these things, are they?



Phillip Phillips heads to center stage!

Phillip…FAKE OUT!!! NO results yet! He heads back to the couch.


NOTE: 70 million votes came in last night!!!!


Hollie Cavanagh is up next!

Hollie…BACK TO THE COUCH. Oy. Results without results?!


Musical Performance – David Cook – “The Last Song I’ll Write for You”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Yay! Cookie is back! So good to see him on the Idol stage. Decent song. You can purchase it on iTunes. Good vocal from him. Man, he just proves how an Idol should take the stage. <<Fanboy right here, folks.

Check out his full performance HERE.



Joshua Ledet goes to center stage!



Jessica Sanchez is up!

Jessica…to the couch, you go!


Musical Performance – Jennifer Lopez – “Dance Again”

This was pre-taped. Oh, J.Lo. I love that you pretend to be a singer. Heh. I do love this song, though. So freaking catchy. Whoa, she’s looking smokin’ tonigh. Go J.Lo! Bonus: A million hot shirtless guys. SCORE! And, look, there’s her boy toy Casper Smart.

Check out her full performance HERE.

Photo Credit: YouTube



Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh stand center stage!

Jessica…is SAFE!!!

Joshua…is SAFE!!!


“BOTTOM TWO”: Phillip and Hollie


Phillip…is SAFE!!!

Hollie…is ELIMINATED!!! 🙁

She’s singing “The Climb” as her swan song. And we’re out!


While Hollie had an OK night last night, in no way did she deserve the boot tonight. Once again, PP sails right on through. As I predicted in Top 13 week, he will win this show. Hollie just gave one heck of a great exit song. GO GIRL!!

America here is your Top 3: Jessica, Phillip, Joshua 


Did America get it right? Who should have gone home? Sound off!


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