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American Idol 11 Top 13 – Results Prediction

The polls have closed on — who did you guys pick for the American Idol 11 Top 13?

I’ve listed the top 5 boys and girls from our poll, and the next 5 singers from the boys and girls who could be picked for the wild card (based on votes).

A very interesting list! Also notice the background in the screencap from the show. “American” is very prominent on the logo. I think this is intentional to differentiate the show from The X Factor and The Voice.

The Top 13:


1. Phillip Phillips
2. Heejun Han
3. Colton Dixon
4. Joshua Ledet
5. Deandre Brackensick


1. Jessica Sanchez
2. Hollie Cavanagh
3. Elise Testone
4. Skylar Laine
5. Erika Van Pelt

Wild Card:

Reed Grimm
Creighton Fraker
Jeremy Rosado
Jen Hirsch
Shannon Magrane

Check out the blog tonight for the American Idol 11 Top 13 reveal! Will readers get it right?

American Idol 11 Top 13  Results Prediction

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Dial Colton and Phillip.

Cathy Wood
Cathy Wood

Wow, it's a tough call, because they're both really good, but IMO the guy with the glasses edged the other one out with his beautiful, sustained high notes. Definitely better than Idol, although I really like Jermaine's voice.


Not so fast, jbeeeb Here's a comment I came across on TV Line: "For those looking at dial idol, don’t look at their predictions. Change the stat to the raw numbers. Last year, the raw numbers were 100% correct predicting the five men and women voted in directly by America. So, this time, it would be Phil, Colton, Jermaine, Reed (?), Heejun, Hollie, Shannon, Jessica, Skylar and Jen."



So I know there are new technologies, but I just looked at Dial Idol.  If they are correct here are your top 10:

Brielle Von Hugel

Jessica Sanchez

Chelsea Sorrell

Holly Cavanaugh

Skylar Laine

Eben Frankewitz

Chase Likens

Adam Brock

Jermaine Jones (those top 4 guys are in green making them locks in theory)

Joshua Ledet


BTW the bottom two:

Ericka Van Pelt

Deandre Brackensick


Goes to show you never know what the voters might do.


Almost Identical as my Top 10! But I would substitute Hollie Cavanagh with Hollie Cavanagh. 


Your Top 10 and Wildcards would be alright, alright with me. (It’s alright, alright with me…) Sorry; Kris Allen fangirl moment.


@jbeeeb I wouldn't trust dial idol at this point.


 @jbeeeb Eh. Dial Idol has been irrelevant for the past several years. That's the worst Top 10 ever...


oops, I meant Shannon Magrane