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American Idol 11 – Top 12 Girls – Live Blog Recap

Last night was a huge letdown. The American Idol Top 13 guys were ‘meh’ with very few good performances. Tonight, the Top 12 girls–who are way better–take the stage. There are some song spoilers thanks to The Idol Pad. They are worth checking out. My hope is that the girls really bring it tonight. I’m relying on Jen Hirsh, Jessica Sanchez, and Elise Testone to blow me away. In case you missed it, here is my recap of the guys.

I’ll be live blogging the night’s festivities. So, check back soon and often for my thoughts on the talent.



Whoa. They are really pimping the ladies. Not verbatim, “Will one of these ladies be the first female winner in five years?” Ryan asks. Huh. We’ll see. Scotty McCreery will perform in a few weeks. Woo!

Up first is Chelsea Sorrell! She’s from Stokesdale, North Carolina. Total country girl! She loves target shooting. Lol. She’s singing “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood. Huh. I love this song, but it can come across as karaoke if anyone other than Carrie sings it. She looks beautiful, though. This is very middle-of-the-road, plus she’s performing first. Buh-Bye. Randy didn’t think the song choice was the best. Check out her full performance HERE.

Let’s go Erika Van Pelt! I dig this girl.She’s a Rhode Islander. She’s very goofy, has a huge personality. That will definitely help her. She’s singing “What About Love” by Heart. Woo! I can’t help but think of Swiffer. Heh. She has a great tone, and I think this song is perfect for her. This is pretty good. She held back a little bit, but I assume that’s because of nerves of the first live show. I hope she makes it. VOTE! Check out her full performance HERE.

Next up is Jen Hirsh! She has alot to live up to from Hollywood week. She’s from Cali! Sadie is her little dog. Aww. Cute! She’s singing “One and Only” by Adele. Huh. I’m already sick of Adele covers this season. She brings some clever melodic changes. She has a big voice, but this isn’t her best…not even close. She needed to come out swinging. Ohhhh, that last note might save her. Not crazy about that…sigh. Judges, please do your job…sigh. Check out her full performance HERE.

Brielle Von Hugel is next! She’s from Staten Island. This girl has a big hill to climb. She got the bitch edit early on. She would have to really pull out the big guns to win over the viewers. She’s singing “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. Way to be relevant. She’s in the middle of the Top 13 boys. Yup. She really works the camera. It starts out really…slow, but midway through she kicks it up and has some really nice vocal runs. Still, she doesn’t stand a chance, in my mind. NEXT! Check out her full performance HERE.

OMG Hallie Day! Come on, girl! Bring it! She’s from Baltimore, MD. Some Twitter peeps keep saying she has no personality, but I think she’s been through alot and holds back. She’s singing “Feeling Good”  by Nina Simone. OMG THIS SONG. Been done…to death! She’s all dolled up like Marilyn Monroe. She’s really slowed this up. Her vocals are pretty…superb? Dare I say? Well, until the end. It was a little bumpy when she lost some control over it…sigh. Randy, is it really necessary to grill the girl??? You don’t do that to anyone else. UGH UGH UGH. This show… Check out her full performance HERE.

Skylar Laine is next! She’s from Mississippi! She has a big personality. She’s singing “Stay with Me” by Faces. Oh, very old song, very country. She’s actually pretty good. I wrote her off. She definitely is rockin’ this. She’ll definitely the get the country vote over Chelsea. GO GIRL! Wow. That last note. Damn. This is the best of the night by far! VOTE! ROCKIN’ COUNTRY GIRL! Randy compares her to a mix of Reba and Kelly Clarkson. Check out her full performance HERE.

Let’s go Baylie Brown! She’s from TX! She own horses. She was hit in the face with a softball. Her grandpa is adorable. She’s singing “Amazed” by Lonestar. In a lovely red dress, she starts off a little rocky. I’m not sure what she’s doing with melody. She’s pretty OK, but this is too sleepy. Her high notes are a little rough. Yikes. Check out her full performance HERE.

Next we have Hollie Cavanagh! Another TX girl! She’s singing “Reflection” by Xtina. Ugh. This song. I just can’t. She’s singing in a green sea. She’s making some interesting melodic choices. She has a big voice. I wrote her off as well. Wow. Her vocal is pretty great…and she NAILS the high notes towards the notes. GO GIRL. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Now, I eat my words. She’s the best of the night so far. The crowd LOVES her.

Haley Johnson is up! She’s from Oregon! Llama FTW! She has a hot pink room. She’s singing “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics. Weird song choice, and they’re a bunch of eyes looking at me. I give her points for being weird. This is so blah. I think this may be too out there for most viewers to get. Her vocals are all over the place. NEXT!

Shannon Magrane is next! She’s a Florida girl! She knows how to operate on little sleep. She’s six feet tall! She’s singing “There is a Candle” by Kathy Troccoli. She looks gorgeous. She has some lovely vocal runs and slams a big ending. She just might make the Top 12. I’m not completely impressed, but it was solid. Check out her full performance HERE.

Let’s go Jessica Sanchez! Overrated or not, I love this girl. Aww. She’s been having some vocals issues, but…doesn’t everyone on this show? Lol. She’s singing Jennifer Hudson‘s “Love You, I Do” from Dream Girls. She’s got some great range and really commands the stage. If anyone is a star in this bunch, it’s her. The judges give her a standing O and the crowd loves her. VOTE! Check out her full performance HERE.

Elise Testone closes the night! She’s gotten very little screen time, but from what I’ve seen, she has a great raspy voice. She’s singing Adele’s “One and Only.” OMG, she’s playing the piano. GO. Her voice is PERFECT for this song. Wow. I’m loving this. This is so much better than Jen’s version. She gets up midway through. She’s a lock for the Top 12! VOTE VOTE VOTE for this girl. Seriously. Do it. Check out her full performance HERE.

Well. That’s a wrap. Some of the girls were a hot mess, but there were a few great performances tonight.

Best (and locks for Top 12): Elise, Jessica, and Hollie C.

Worst: Chelsea, Brielle, and Haley J.

Who are your picks? Who’s a lock for the Top 12?

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