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American Idol 10 Censor Fail – Chris Cordeiro Nip Slip – Video

Eagle-eyed Gabe just pointed out to me a massive editing fail on American Idol last night. Somehow this nip slip of Chris Cordeiro’s relative was shown on TV! OMG. Child porn on Idol! This is horrible!

FOX has gotten sloppy. This is so unacceptable. I feel so violated. They could bleep Steven Tyler all they want, but they let this through???

Watch the video here (NSFW):

Note: This is a bit of an experiment. YouTube deleted the first video which did not feature singing. This is the entire audition video of Chris Cordeiro as it was aired on FOX. Skip to about 1:30 mark.

Note: So the ENTIRE Chris Cordeiro audition video is unacceptable to YouTube, LOL. FOX Fail.

Here’s another video:

FINAL UPDATE: FOX Legal Dept. has asked me to remove the picture, so I removed it. It looks like FOX is actively removing all traces of the Chris Cordeiro video from the Internet as well.

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