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Amber Holcomb – Without You – American Idol 12

Amber Holcomb sang “Without You” on American Idol 12 Top 5.


Not better than Ken Lee!!!

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:

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Amber Holcomb – Without You – Video

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What people see in this girl I dont know, Screechy as hell and not cute. Sorry

Eugene Wright
Eugene Wright

I think Amber is so beaten down by her inexplicable lack of support from viewers that it's difficult for her to muster a smile. It's a shame too because she really is extremely talented but her talent and excellent delivery is lost on the young idol fan base.

Dirty Wang
Dirty Wang

Didn't connect with the song.. she had a dead look in her eyes... worst performance of the night (I don't even watch or consider Janelle's performances at this point)


Ken leee tulibu dibu douch ooooo

LOL!!!  OMG!  I can't stop laughing.

It hurts!

But yes, as opposed to Candice who rose to the challenge, Amber paled in comparison.


not one of her better efforst,, but her other song was beautiful

Rickey moderator

KEN LEE!!!!!