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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Winner

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Part I:


Zev and Justin lost precious time as Justin didn’t know how to dance in one road block, plus they ended up doing both sides of the Detour when they chose to sell bikinis.


Gary and Mallory were team #1! They won a cruise to the Mediterranean.

Kisha and Jen, and the Globetrotters complete the final three.

Zev and Justin were the last team to arrive and were eliminated.

Amazing Race Unfinished Business Winner 02 2011 05 08

Part II:

From Rio to Miami!

Gary & Mallory had trouble getting a taxi and then their driver didn’t know where to go. $1 million down the drain right there. They had no chance at all because of that guy. Those taxi drivers are awful.

Road Block: Transport a boat on a boat rack using a forklift

The teams go to Key Largo

Road Block: Search for treasure chests among mermaids in a personal submarine

This is where the Globetrotters lost their taxi, and Kisha and Jen took the lead. See? The taxi drivers determine the outcome of this show.

The teams “walk across the ocean” to Horseshoe Island

The teams take a boat to Marathon Marina

The teams then create a “Trailer Hood”

– This proved to be harder than it looked as the winds started blowing and Gary & Mallory were able to catch up with the two other teams.

The teams then ride a bike on the Old Seven-Mile Bridge to the Pit Stop.


And the winners of the Amazing Race: Unfinished Business are Kisha and Jen! They win $1 million! Congratulations. For the second time an all-female team has won the race.

They did not win a leg in the race, but they were first place when it counted.

The Globetrotters were second and Gary and Mallory were third.

Amazing Race Winner

Reality TV Amazing Race: Unfinished BusinessWinner

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Mallory is crazy but I still love her. She is so positive-shame they got the taxi driver from hell on last leg which proves you need to be a litttle bit lucky to win race

indy dornon
indy dornon

father daughter team was my vote, they lagged behind because of a lousy cab driver, girl team already won and no parent child team yet to win. Gary was cool and Mallory has so much personality. Girl team boring!


I was shocked that the trailerhood detour was the last challenge. Normally there is a much more challenging, unique, comprehensive detour at the end. Seemed like a lot of running around for route info and not a challenging enough finish.

Congrats to Kisha and Jen, though!


Mallory needs to have her own show, like for real!




whoo.. im glad one of my team win this season... congratulations KISHA and JEN!