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The Amazing Race 23 – Winner – Results – 12/08/2013

And the winner of The Amazing Race Season 23 is…

The Amazing Race 2-hour Finale

Leg 11: Tokyo, Japan

Leg 12: Juneau, Alaska

Final Four:

Jason & Amy (Dating)
Tim & Marie (Exes)
Nicole & Travis (Married ER Doctors)
Leo & Jamal (Cousins)

Leg 11 Results:

First Place: Tim & Marie

They won a trip for two to Aruba!

Last Place: Leo & Jamal

Jamal said: “It’s an amazing crazy race.”

Leo and Jamal The Amazing Race

The top 3 teams moved on to the last leg and race for $1 million.

Leg 12 Results:

First Place: Jason & Amy!

They had six second place finishes, but finished first when it mattered most.

They won $1 million.

Second Place: Tim & Marie

I’m glad she didn’t win. She was so obnoxious. I’m sure she’s going to try to get another reality show gig after this.

Third Place: Nicole & Travis


Next February 2014: The Amazing Race returns with an All-Star season!

The Amazing Race 23 - Winner - Results

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