All My Children – Week Video Recap & Review – Season 1 Chapter 2



This week Jesse (Darnell Williams) continued to think that he could keep the secret from Angie (Debbi Morgan) that their daughter Cassandra (Sal Stowers) was missing and being held captive. Jesse and Zach (Thortsen Kaye) got deeper into the mystery of Cassandra’s disappearance and that it was a part of a Russian human trafficking ordeal! Cassandra showed us she wasn’t the most smartest crayon in the box as one of the leaders agreed to take off her handcuffs if she took a pill. We then see that they get them addicted to the drugs, and serve people in town before they ship them off worldwide. She sees two other girls who are being held too and promises to help them as she is being taken off. Jesse and Zach track their trail and end up finding a girl in a dumpster. Jesse ends up having to confess to Angie everything going on.

David (Vincent Irizarry) was determined to find out the truth from Cara (Lindsay Hartley) about their baby. Cara told David that she had a miscarriage but David still thought something was fishy. Then Cara thought it would be smart to go in the break room and yell at Griff (Jordi Vilauso) about her situation – and then David walks in and overhears. He almost goes ballistic, asking Cara did she have an aborition. Is that was Cara did?

Speaking of David, after being caught by Dixie (Cady McClain) trying to strangle JR (Ryan Bittle), David says he saw that JR was waking up. Dixie is distraught trying to get David put back in prison. AJ (Eric Nelsen) stopped by to see his father for the first time in a while just to see what was going on, but apparently he doesn’t go by that much or even talk to him. Dixie tried to convince him that his father would love to hear his voice. Dixie also ran into Adam (David Canary) berating his comatose son before she said that he is his son and should love him no matter what. Just as David thought, JR woke up by the end of the week, all in good health. However, he doesn’t have any memory of what he did or what happened to him.

His son, AJ got suspended for punching Hunter after he wanted Miranda (Denyse Tontz) to have a threesome with him and another girl. Miranda was troubled by the whole situation and even blamed her mother Bianca (Eden Riegel) for being a lesbian. She would later apologize. After wanting to be home-schooled and not go to the school prom, AJ gets Miranda a dress and has a prom for them at the Chandler Mansion with Hot Chelle Rae as the musical guest.

Celia (Jordan Lane Price) saw a mystery man in the mirror. Is this her benefactor? She also overheard Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) talking to one of his old friends about how much of a playboy he is and she decides to stand him up on their date. They go back and forth before they realize that both of them mispercieved what happened between them and decide to go back out again.

Solid week for AMC and I can’t express how much that it is great to have the show back with OLTL. I can’t wait till Colby (Brooke Newton) comes to town and stirs things up in the Celia/Pete mix. I also can’t wait until next week when all the blowout from JR waking up come to light. I don’t know if that will happen next week, but whenever it does I’m ready. However can we get some more kids up in here. Its past the point of just AJ and Miranda. We need an aged Kathy and Spike. That would be a great quad! I know that if she fought back things may have been worse but the way Cassandra took that pill was just crazy to me, but that’s just a little quip. Also I know when he wakes up everyone will be mad at JR because he shot Marissa, but why did David get a free pass and why was Angie so willing to give him one? Little by little the rough edges are being evened out.  and AMC is back people!

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