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Alex and Sierra – Best Song Ever – The X Factor – Video MP3

Alex and Sierra The X Factor Top 10

Alex and Sierra performed “Best Song Ever” on The X Factor USA 2013 Top 10 British Invasion Week.

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The duo are taking a risk by performing a popular One Direction song.

Sierra looks fantastic tonight.

I really like this. I like what they did with the song.

I think they blend so well together tonight. I just love this.

Standing ovations!

Demi Lovato: I think this was your best performance yet. I’m gonna go home and download that on iTunes.
Simon Cowell: This was a brilliant performance. It was really cool and laid back. I think you have a serious chance at winning this whole show.
Kelly Rowland: Such a difference from last week. You should be really proud of yourselves. I think Alex was stronger than Sierra.
Paulina Rubio: I loved the duet. That bridge is a little bit corny. You guys are good together.

Watch the video and listen to the mp3 here:

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Alex and Sierra – Top 10

Alex and Sierra – Top 10 – The X Factor USA 2013 – Video and MP3

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this was there WORST performance. i don't know what Simon heard, but Sierra was waaaaay off. 

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

This was so great, I loved it. I do agree that he was better than her vocally.


Kudos to the costume designers.  Check out what they looked like at their audition and what they look like now.  Apparently "nerdy sexy" was cool, but only for about a minute.  


Ok I like this better after a second listen. 


I really, really like them. If were not for them I wont watch the show, and as soon as they came up and finished the performance I switched the channel, lol. plus the judges' actings are VERY annoying so I have to switch channel lol

Hope Alex & Sierra could have good career after the show. I'll keep an eye on them


Lol, these shows are hilarious.  Listen to the audio only--Sierra is totally off, he is spot on.   By the audio alone, this actually may be their worsed performance.   Certainly, they weren't worse last week.  

Nonetheless, they could well end up one of Simon's top acts post show.