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Alan Scott is gay, American Idol to retool

Dumbest New York Law EVER is Established (Perez Hamilton)

John Edwards Acquitted (Daily Beast)

CNN Flubs John Edwards Trial, Missing Verdict, Misreporting Outcome (Daily Beast)

Duets Contestant Johnny Gray Leaves Show For “Personal Reasons”? (Gossip Cop) – Scandal?

Sexually functional “My Little Pony” toy inspires fan following (Daily Dot) – OMG

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Truant Honor Student Diane Tran (8asians) – But she went to jail already, what an a-hole.

Usher to Use Virtual Dancers During Concert Webcast (Billboard)

Dozens of Justin Bieber Fans Hurt in Norway Concert Chaos (Gossip Cop)

THE NIKE AIR YEEZY II (Nike) – From Kanye West

‘American Idol’ and Its Owner to Undergo a Retooling (NY Times)

Fox Executive: ‘American Idol’ Could Last for 17 Seasons (THR)

Kate Walsh to Hang Up Private Practice Scrubs (Vulture)

Feds Shut Down Budget Buses (Daily Beast)

Expanding the Internet domain space (Google) – Google applied for .google, .doc, .youtube, .lol and many others. I want to apply for a TLD but I can’t afford the $185,000 cost of entry.

Bruce Lee Honored In D.C. (Rafu Shimpo) – I love Bruce Lee!

Yes, America, It’s Alan Scott (Bleeding Cool) – The original Green Lantern to be introduced as a gay character.

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