Adventure Time – Season 5 Episode 31 – Recap – Too Old

Adventure Time - Season 5 Episode 31 - Recap - Too Old

Adventure Time – Season 5 Episode 31 – Recap – Too Old

Hello friends! Let us head back to the magical post-apocalyptic land of Ooo for this week’s recap of the hit Cartoon Network original series Adventure Time! Tonight, we’re, uh… treated (for lack of a better term) to a lot of the weird, gross, and vaguely villainous Earl of Lemongrab, as Finn accompanies his former crush Princess Bubblegum on a diplomatic dinner date. Fresh off his breakup with Flame Princess, Finn’s not exactly smooth. Let’s recount the tale, shall we?

Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum head to Castle Lemongrab, no Jake in tow. Castle Lemongrab is grosser and weirder than ever. The original Earl of Lemongrab has become way big and fat, and somehow even more irritating. The other lemonfolk have gotten more deformed than when we last saw them, and Lemongrab 2 is half-eaten from when we last saw him in Another Five More Short Graybles. The Earl(s) of Lemongrab plot just gets more and more upsetting every time we check up on Castle Lemongrab.

Adventure Time - Season 5 Episode 31 - Recap - Too Old - Lemongrabs

Anyway, PB and Finn are having a bad time at the diplomatic dinner, so they go exploring. PB comes across a little lemon boy named Badlemonnohope (Lemonhope for short) playing the harp beautifully. She tells him they will leave together and take little Lemonhope to a school in the Candy Kingdom, where his musical talent can flourish. Lemongrab (the fat one) shows up and puts the kibosh on this plan by crushing the boy’s harp, though, and our heroes are left in the lurch. Finn suggests he and PB prank Lemongrab, as they had done when the princess was magically de-aged (long story) a few seasons ago. The mature Princess Bubblegum hesitantly accepts this plan, but the pair (with Lemonhope) end up in the dungeon after a really lame prank.

The Princess reveals that this is part of her plan! She takes out a flute from Finn’s bag and asks Lemonhope to start playing. She figures the Lemongrabs will come break the flute, giving them a chance to escape. Unfortunately, Lemonhope if terrible at the flute and the Lemongrabs dance and spin to his horrible squelching tune. When Lemongrab 2 opens the cage (and is immediately devoured by Fat Lemongrab), the heroes manage to escape, and they fight their way to the yard of the castle. Fat Lemongrab sends the lemon citizens after PB and Finn, but Lemongrab 2 crawls out from his mouth to convince everyone to help PB and Finn and Lemonhope escape. They get out, leaving that nasty castle behind.

Adventure Time - Season 5 Episode 31 - Recap - Too Old - Finn and Peebles

This episode was interesting for many reasons, primarily because it follows up immediately on a plot line from last week, an unusual move for this show. Generally, episodes are standalone, but may get direct sequels later. This time, we see the immediate fallout of Finn’s breakup with his rebound to Princess Bubblegum. By the end of the episode, Finn sees that the age difference really does matter, as PB is just not interested in fun and games anymore. Finn resolves to reconcile with Flame Princess, but we’ll have to wait until next week (or later) to see how that turns out! Come back then to see another recap!

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