Adventure Time – Season 5 Episode 30 – Recap – Frost & Fire

Adventure Time - Season 5 Episode 30 - Recap - Frost & Fire

Adventure Time – Season 5 Episode 30 – Recap – Frost & Fire

We’re back with another recap of Cartoon Network‘s hit all-ages fantasy animated series, Adventure Time! This week, the first meeting (I think) between Flame Princess and Ice King!

At the start, Flame Princess and Finn are on a date when they’re interrupted by Ice King. Ice King and Flame Princess get in a fight, which causes Finn to have a great dream being on fire that night. Finn, really digging the dream for some reason, decides he must engineer this dream again, and so he plans a picnic with FP in the Ice Kingdom. Finn starts another fight between the two, but it doesn’t go as planned. This time, Ice King gains the upper hand, and Finn’s dream is about Ice King freezing him instead. The Cosmic Owl (a god-like entity in the show’s mythos) is there, and as Jake reminds Finn (and the audience), this means the dream is prophetic and he’s got to hear the rest of what the Cosmic Owl has to say. Jake encourages to attempt, once more, to recreate the dream, so Finn crafts two mean letters, one to FP and one to IK, posing as each party. They read the letters, get mad, and meet to wreck shop.

Adventure Time - Season 5 Episode 30 - Recap - Frost & Fire - Toasty

The fight is awesome, visually, and the pair destroys a good part of the Ice Kingdom, with Flame Princess melting a lot of it to steam. The steam and heat becomes too much for Finn, who realizes he may have taken it too far, and he passes out. Finn has another crazy messed-up dream, Cosmic Owl and all, but this time, Flame Princess’s fire turns him into a creepy man-baby. He whines and whines, but she leaves him, and the Cosmic Owl whispers “Ya blew it”. Finn awakens, and calls to the combatants to stop, admitting he instigated the fight. Finn tries to explain, but Flame Princess can only here the same whining as the dream. She walks away, sad and disappointed, leaving Finn and Ice King. The episode closes with Ice King saying “You blew it, man”.

Adventure Time - Season 5 Episode 30 - Recap - Frost & Fire - Alone Time

Wow wow wow! This episode is so interesting! Aside from being full of fun fights, there’s also an aspect of the show’s core concept that gets flipped: Finn’s irreverence. The very stuff that drives this (and many other cartoons) forward is the lead character(s) being mischievous, and what we’re shown here is Finn being mischievous to a fault. Though he does nothing unusual in a zany cartoon plot, Flame Princess, a person for whom Finn cares deeply, is hurt by his actions. This is the type of stuff that makes this show more interesting than its contemporaries!

Check back here next week for another recap!

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