Adele lashes out at Chris Brown at the Grammys (Photo)

Via: The Sun

In a development that seems to prove that the rest of the music industry is as sick of him as everyone else (except for, apparently, Rihanna), Adele was seen giving Chris Brown an earful during last night’s Grammy Awards.

Brown’s issues with R&B crooner Frank Ocean have been well-publicized, but the lingering animosity carried over into the ceremony. When Ocean bested Brown to win the Best Urban Contemporary Album award, everyone in the audience rose to their feet to give the singer a standing ovation – everyone, of course, except Brown, who stayed firmly planted in his seat, looking like Charlie Brown after Lucy moved the football for the twentieth time.

As TV cameras focused in on the sulking Brown, Adele could be seen across the aisle, glaring in his general direction. When the applause finally died down, the 24-year-old Oscar nominee could be seen cornering Brown for an intense showdown. While cameras didn’t pick up the content of Adele’s rant against him, Brown’s body language seems to imply that it wasn’t a quaint conversation about Downton Abbey.

Credit: The Sun

Credit: The Sun

Some are speculating that Adele was suggesting that Brown keep a lower profile and not ruffle so many feathers. After all, last night’s ceremony marked the four-year anniversary of his arrest for assaulting Rihanna following a pre-Grammy Awards party in 2009. Not that the controversial assault killed their relationship for good, as the couple was seen cuddling in the front row at the event, mere days after Rihanna accompanied Brown to court, where he was accused of falsifying the papers logging his community service work – to which he was sentenced after admitting his attack on Rihanna four years ago.

Check out the video below:

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