ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween 2013 – Full Schedule

ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween 2013 - Full Schedule

ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween 2013 – Full Schedule

There you have it! ABC Family has released the official schedule for its 2013 13 Nights of Halloween celebration! The spooky festivities kick off on Saturday, October 19th. The silly scares run through Thursday, October 31st.

Saturday, October 19th

8/7c Toy Story of TERROR! ABC Family Premiere

8:30/7:30c Monsters, Inc.

Sunday, October 20th

8/7c The Addams Family

10/9c Addams Family Values

Monday, October 21st

6/5c Alice in Wonderland

830/7:30c Twilight

ABC Family "Pretty Little Liars"

ABC Family “Pretty Little Liars”

Tuesday, October 22nd

All Day Pretty Little Liars Marathon

8/7c Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Special

9/8c Ravenswood World Premiere

Wednesday, October 23rd

7:30/6:30c Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Thursday, October 24th

6:30/5:30c Men in Black ABC Family Premiere

Friday, October 25th

7/6c Death Becomes Her

9/8c Beetlejuice

Saturday October 26th

6/5c The Addams Family

8/7c Addams Family Values

10/9c Hocus Pocus

Sunday, October 27th

9/8c Hocus Pocus

Monday, October 28th

5:30/4:30c Monster House

7:30/6:30c Corpse Bride

9:25/8:25c The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tuesday, October 29th,

8/7c Ravenswood

9/8c I Know What You Did Last Summer

Wednesday, October 30th

7:30/6:30c Twilight

Thursday, October 31st

7/6c The Addams Family

9/8c Addams Family Values


Will you be tuning in to ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween? Is the 2013 full schedule what you’d hoped for? Check out the trailer for this season’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special below!

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Wishful thinking about this line up, I would like it if they would show some more kid friendly stuff.


I always watch the 13 Nights of Halloween and 25 Days of Christmas, even if the lineup could be improved--as they usually could be. I myself have a Halloween Watchlist of over 50 holiday special episodes, movies, or other programs that definitely capture the occasion. I LIKE almost everything in this schedule (Twilight being the major exception), but I wish they'd look over MY list and get some ideas on how to be perfectly getting whichever titles they possible can and then assembling the ultimate schedule.

Wish they'd show the good 80s TMNT cartoon instead of the not-as-good movies. Corpse Bride & Nightmare Before Xmas are always staples here, although the latter has been shown so many times on The Hub within the past year that I'm almost sick of it. Same with Monster House (even though these are very good movies.) And while Matilda isn't a Halloween flick, I'd never turn it down. 

Can't WAIT for Toy Story of Terror, and last year I suggested they include MI instead of other, less appropriate Pixar movies--so apparently they listened to me. I love Alice in Wonderland (both the original animated & the live-action Tim Burton "sequel"), & Coraline's good. LOVE The Addams Family. I Know What You Did is a good horror pick. Teen Witch, Teen Wolf, yep, okay...MIB?? Well, all right. I can name several dozen better choices. Beetlejuice is great, Goonies is actually not a bad choice. Hocus Pocus is an absolute MUST. And THE CRAFT?! Halloween is Grinch Night?!? Death Becomes Her?! YES!!! The Scooby live-action movies may pale in comparison with the cartoon and animated movies, but I still enjoy 'em. They too have been on TV recently, though. Why not a day of all the animated Scooby movies, since the cartoon is seen on Boomerang (for those who get it)? The ones featuring The Hex Girls are so Halloweeny it's not even funny. 

Okay, all in all, this lineup is pretty darned exciting. Could always be better, but it has quite a few titles that are on my master list. 


@leahucifer Really? They're going to show Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, but not Part 2? Shame on them.

Caren Lehto
Caren Lehto

Awesome! Death Becomes Her is one of my fave movies! "You threw me down the stairs!" "I can see right through you!" *lol*

Klope62 moderator

This was...kind of unsatisfying. :(


@Klope62 I emailed them about not including any scary movies and they updated it with "I Know What You Did Last Summer." I'm powerful :P

Klope62 moderator

@JoeTranch @Klope62 Well, it does make me want to do frightening things to myself and others whenever it is in my presence it does have that.